One Thousand Years Ago was formed from the age-old question, the country or the city? Well, I just happen to love both. I love the quiet hum of nature and the clammer of the city, walking through trees and driving down sunset blvd.

Our intention is to help reduce plastic use and waste no matter where you are. Our signature utensil set is functional for adventuring and chic enough for the city life, all while being beneficial for the environment. Our sets are made from 100% plant based and natural materials. The utensils are bamboo and the cases are made from locally sourced hemp and cotton, so in one thousand years from now, your set will safely biodegrade back into the land.

Food is our everyday fuel and our mission is to reduce and reuse with every meal. Let’s help keep our planet clean, one bite and sip at a time.

“I wish that I was born a thousand years ago” -Lou Reed

Hyla Frank